If you have been in a car accident, you should speak with a Texas car accident lawyer as soon as you can. Texans depend on their vehicles to shuttle them through busy days. Each day, the area’s major freeways are swamped with vehicle traffic. Texas is a hub for major interstates that run throughout the nation. With this many people on our roads at all times, accidents happen frequently.

There are many ways that car crashes happen. Most car crashes occur when one driver makes a poor decision. A bad choice combined with a vehicle’s size and speed can be a recipe for disaster. The legal definition of a poor choice is “negligence.” This means that one person did not act with reasonable care, which resulted in someone else getting hurt.

Drinking and driving, distracted driving like texting while behind the wheel and being too tired to concentrate are common factors in car accidents. A car crash can also be caused by a vehicle breaking down while traveling due to a product defect, poor weather, or bad road conditions. When an accident does happen, a car accident attorney can help the crash victims recover their rightful compensation.

Aldrich Legal Group is a law firm that has the experience needed to fight for you in accident and serious injury cases. If you have been in a serious auto accident, contact us today. We are located in Central and Southeastern Texas.  We out of San Antonio, Texas and Lake Jackson, Texas, but we handle car crash cases across the State.  We know you may not live in those cities and you may not have a working car if it was seriously damaged in the crash.  That’s why we will travel to you for your convenience.